Central Frontera is a low altitude run-of-river power station project. It is outstanding because of its positive relationship with the environment and its low visual impact. It is not a dam or reservoir power station, because it does not regulate the flow and does not have the capacity for accumulating water, thus the same amount of water that flows into the station must leave it immediately.

It considers the installation of a low altitude (12 m) mobile barrier in the river, thus avoiding a major visual impact in the surroundings, for which reason it more closely resembles a bridge. Furthermore, it considers the powerhouse, which contains three Kaplan type turbines, attached to the barrier, a dike, a recovery channel with its flood barrier and the power line which connects to the Central interconnection System (SIC).

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The Central El Canelo Project in San José will be a run-of-river hydroelectric power station, considered to be within the scope of an ERNC ( Unconventional Renewable Energy), because its potential energy output is 16 MW. It will be located in the district of San José de Maipo, Cordillera Province, Metropolitan Region of Chile and is based on the sustainable development of the Maipo river, which has a good potential for hydroelectric generation. Its materialization will positively influence the development of this part of the country, delivering the contribution of this power station’s energy to the Central Interconnected System (SIC). Specifically, the project will be located on the Southern shore of the Maipo river, in front of the town of El Manzano, extending for 4.23 km between its water intake and the return of the water to the Maipo river.