We are a Chilean Company, young, backed by widely experienced investors, including the global player Innergex Renewable Energy Inc who have assumed the new challenges of national energy development. In Energía Llaima we are working to innovate in the energy generation industry. We design and operate low and medium scale hydraulic and solar thermal plants.


We are committed to sustainable development and excellency in our work, since we consider that the production of energy constitutes an essential service for the Chilean quality of life and the country’s growth. Based on these principles, Energía Llaima defines its Sustainability policy as a guiding element for all its collaborators, committing themselves to:


1- Identify, anticipate and control the safety risks which may affect our employees, contractors and the community. 

2- Give priority to the care of the environment through the precautionary principle, minimizing the impact on the natural and social surroundings.

3- Develop a relationship of confidence, openness and mutual benefit with authorities and communities. 

4- Develop programs of training and prevention on environmental, safety, health and community relations matters for our employees.

5- Promote the commitments of this policy among our employees, contractors, suppliers and the community.